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2 cm Quartz  On sale! $48/sqft with installation. 

We have 7 style of Quartz in stock. Our Quartz is 2 cm thick and can be fabricated to 4 cm to accept an edge profile of your choice.

  • CQ901 Frost White

    CQ901 Frost White

  • CQ858 Venatino

    CQ858 Venatino

  • CQ707 Paloma White

    CQ707 Paloma White

  • CQ731 Softer Beige

    CQ731 Softer Beige

  • CQ803 Gold Coast

    CQ803 Gold Coast

  • CQ806 Pewter

    CQ806 Pewter

  • CQ900 Zen Black

    CQ900 Zen Black


3 cm Granite

Since there are thousands of granite selection, customer can select their favorite granite from local stone supplier, we will offer fabrication and installation with edge profile of choice.

  • Black Galaxy

    Black Galaxy

  • Blue Pearl

    Blue Pearl

  • Butterfly Green

    Butterfly Green

  • Giallo Ornamental

    Giallo Ornamental

  • Millenium Cream

    Millenium Cream

  • River Bordeaux

    River Bordeaux

  • Santa Cecilia Light

    Santa Cecilia Light

  • Tan Brown

    Tan Brown

  • Typhoon Bordeaux

    Typhoon Bordeaux

  • Uba Tuba

    Uba Tuba